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Richard Mille no doubt has other (let us imagine they’re nefarious) uses in mind with this totalizer complication. Imagine if that were a lookout for hit men or mercenaries to monitor their body counts? Or imagine if something much more mundane occurs and individuals who have one of these rare luxuries will delight in the rare experience of this exotic fidget spinner letting you count as large and pretty much anyone can in one sitting… and then resetting the entire to zero. C’mon, it’s roughly as cathartic as idly spending time on a casual smartphone game.Richard Mille isn’t ignorant of the fact that the totalizer is not the most exciting innovation in the world of watches, but they do worry the upsides indicating that the rollers align quite precisely, that the machine is intended to prevent “accidental manipulations,” and also a lock to ensure overall equilibrium. To put it differently, Richard Mille would like you to know that the practice of pressing in digit after digit via the instance button is going to feel incredible for all those tactile mechanical button fetishists (we know who we are).