How Much Off the Cuff: The Richard Mille RM 011 Felipe Massa — A Darn Great Watch Trusted Replica Watches Dealers

The RM11 movement also looks fantastic. |} Entirely skeletonized, being made using finely finished titanium bridges, the movement perspective is a less than subtle reminder to the proprietor of why a product such as this might cost a lot. Few manufacturers are as proficient as Richard Mille as it comes to displaying modern microcosms within their complete mechanical glory. In an age when mechanical watches are increasingly different in their smartwatch siblings, showing off the guts of the watch has never been more popular.The RM 11-03 in the Quartz TPT case follows the traditional Richard Mille tonneau-shape but using some crenelation for your case screws. It’s 44.5mm wide, 49.94mm tall, and 16.15mm thick. The watch comes on a “vented” custom black rubberized strap and looks about as much like a modern super-machine about the wrist as you could hope for. Should you have to spell out why Richard Mille does as well as it will, it’s because it simplifies the principles of traditional watchmaking while incorporating almost completely modern design elements and topics. Richard Mille watches are also not in any way bashful about being detected — and what I think is common across all Richard Mille owners is that they’re content about the perceived focus.