Experience: Hermès Ties. The Blues.

When it comes to ties we know there’s only one name and it’s Hermès. Its silk, its designs and patterns, the shape and length of their ties and the way they look when knotted, is just unmistakeable. One can spot an Hermès tie half a block away. Just as one that knows can spot a Royal Oak in the distance.

Established in 1837, Hermès has specialized in silk, saddles, leather, accessories, parfums, ceramic and prêt-à-porter with the highest quality and outstanding craftsmanship. Its logo, since the 1950’s has had a carriage pulled by a horse.

Born in Germany, Thierry Hermès was the son of a Frenchman. Thierry and his family relocated to France in 1828 and in 1837, Thierry Hermès established Hermès as a harness workshop dedicated to serving noblemen in Paris. He created some of the finest wrought harnesses and bridles for the carriage trade. Thierry’s son, Charles-Émile Hermès took over management in 1880 and established the well known shop at 24
rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, where it remains today and where the new
leader introduced saddlery and retail sales.

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One of the many qualities of an Hermès tie is its timeless design, just like that of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. Both have stood the test of time and today a 40 year old Hermès tie looks as good and as classic as a Royal Oak. For more info click here.

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